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What Are Psychedelics?

Learn more about Sacred Medicine, current research, and the future of plant medicine.
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Soma’s mission is to unite free thinkers interested in exploring altered states of consciousness as a means to achieve Self-Mastery.

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What Is Integration Coaching?

Exploring altered states of consciousness can be a rewarding and sometimes challenging experience. Learning techniques for analyzing and implementing knowledge gained through plant medicine journeys is a key component of self development through psychedelic exploration.



My Grandmother suffers from Dementia. However, she has shown improved in mental clarity using mushrooms. It's amazing to see the changes, her doctors are amazed!


My father has almost completely healed from his stroke, nearly all of his symptoms are GONE!


I had an experience with a close friend who recently lost a loved one unexpectedly, she was able to connect with his spirit and get much needed closure. Thank you!


As someone who was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression at age 15 and has tried so many traditional pharmaceutical therapies, I can very honestly say that the most effective by far has been using psilocybin experiences over the years. My anxiety left and never returned after my first time, and my chronic depression shrank to a super manageable level. Even when I am feeling very low, I always have a certain level of mental peace and freedom from the growth I experienced while on this plant. This is life saving medicine for me.