Food is Yummy 🤗

Food is Yummy 🤗

One of the major mindset shifts I've made recently is viewing food as fuel instead of fun. Another adjustment that has been crucial in my health journey has been finding foods that I enjoy, recipes that are quick & simple AND that are also nourishing for my specific needs. Weight Loss and body consciousness have been a central theme on my life path since early childhood. Since discovering mushroom medicine, mindfulness and working through many layers of trauma, I've lost over 100 pounds! 

After having spent plenty of years eating for entertainment and comfort; I now have a deeper understanding of the connection between eating habits and childhood trauma and how dissolving unhealthy old patterns and programming is a key focus of a meaningful health and spiritual journey and an important aspect of root chakra work. 

Prioritizing healthy eating and avoiding door dash/ Uber eats is especially challenging when nowadays convenience is key 😡. 

Balancing healthy choices and palatable foods consistently has been an exercise in getting to know what I like and identifying how certain foods make me feel energized and noticing which choices cause heaviness and malaise.

What I've found helps is thinking about what I'm craving and making the best choices I can as often as possible when shopping for meals and snacks. Fresh veggies and fruit have been a main component in beating sugar cravings and avoiding binge eating. Another often overlooked aspect of healthy eating that I realized I needed to focus on has been eating slowly and chewing each bite of my meal thoroughly, mindfully. This not only promotes good digestion, it's a perfect time to speak affirmations and positive thoughts as you fuel your body. 

This Haul is based on a few guiding principles I've adopted and try to be consistent with which are: 

  • Eating for my blood type 
  • High protein low carb 
  • Fresh fruit daily 

Although this particular haul has more processed items and more sugar than I'd prefer, it's a good compromise for convenience. 

Jerky, Cashews and Hummus are all high protein snacks that keep me satisfied throughout the day and are full of contrasting flavors which is important for me to curb unhealthy cravings. 

More quick and easy options shown here are pre cooked grilled chicken and salad kits. Very simple and satisfying. 

Fresh fruit like grapes, mangoes and strawberries are current favorites and are easy to grab when I'm feeling a craving for tangy and sweet flavors. 

As you walk your plant medicine journey, listen to the guidance you receive and what changes you are led to make. Stay consistent and learn the cycles of your cravings and habits. Sometimes you have mood swings or stressful situations which historically lead to poor food choices. It happens and is to be expected and isn't something to have guilt about. It's okay to indulge in a craving and then hop right back into your routine and back to better choices. It's all about balance.


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